Frequently Asked Questions

    Click on the "forget password" ink from the sign in screen and you will be prompted to provide your email.  An option to reset your password will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

    1. Pick a Greetigram card.

    2. Click "Cutomize"

    3. Add your message in the provided box. Click "next".

    4. Add recipients name on the provided envelope.

    5. Add optional photos and/or videos (mp4, gif, png, jpg). Click "next".

    6. Choose to send it to yourself if you want to send it manually to get a direct response or schedule to send it via Greetigram by entering recipient's text or email and selecting a date and time on the calendar. Click "done".

    Videos – .mov, .mp4, .avi

    Photos – .jpg, .png, .gif

    You can upload as many photos or videos as you would like included! (We recommend uploading no more than 10 photos at a time or 3 videos at a time).

    Sorry, once purchased you can't make edits.

    Once you share or scheudle the link, there’s no way to recall it.

    You will recieve a confirmation email.

    You will get message with the time and date confirming that your Greetigram was opened.

    Videos will automatically play when you press the play button. You can change the sound options by clicking on the speaker icon next to each video.

    Check your phone’s ringer or computer's volume. For Apple phones, there are multiple speakers. Your volume and sound may be on, but you will not hear your video unless your ringer is on.

    Click on the "add recipients" button in the when scheduling your Greetigram card.